promotional pens

Let’s Hear It For The Written Word

Long Live the Written Word! In my blog this month, (“They” Said It Would Be Dead) I spoke […]

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“They” Said It Would Be Dead

The “It” I’m talking about is the ‘written word’. I actually don’t know who “they” are, though I […]

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brand identity

When Your Brand Acts Out Of Character

Staying true to your brand identity is critical. In today’s digital world where even the smallest businesses have […]

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A Look Into The Essence Of A Brand

What is Brand Essence? I have noticed over the years that, when I ask about brand essence, many […]

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reusable straws

The Last Straw

I truly enjoy discovering the source of idiomatic expressions especially when they line up with a topic I’m […]

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reusable straws

Let’s Help Each Other Sip And Save Mother Earth

Earth Day 2019 is just around the corner. We have finally discovered the straw that broke into our […]

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Summer Promotions

Spring And Summer Promotional Marketing Prep

We’re all patiently awaiting the end of winter. If you live above the Mason-Dixon line and enjoy gardening, […]

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Spring promotions

Let’s Warm Things Up By Cultivating New Growth With Spring Promotions

We have been freezing our flip-flops off here in Florida. And the rest of the country is in […]

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stay in touch

Let’s Stay In Touch

The 2018 Fall Conference season is long over, and you probably met dozens of new contacts who said, […]

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customer relationships

Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind Doesn’t Cut It In The Business World

What could be worse than working to establish a relationship with someone, then simply falling off the radar? […]

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